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Sales and Lettings Negotiators Wanted!

Join us! Become one of our partners. Change your life! You only live once! Do it!

Have you ever thought about being your own boss.

Ever thought about being in charge of your own time?

Having a team or working on your own?

Have you ever walked past a coffee shop and thought – hey that would be nice to have a ‘lifestyle job’!

My name is Edward and I’m the Managing Director of SPACE. I want to introduce you to a platform that enables enthusiastic and motivated professionals to be in charge of their time and their earnings and most of all doing what they love! Working with people and property.

We protect our relationships and we remember it’s people over profit! but… making money’s important isn’t it! Of course it is, for lots of reasons…

You don’t need experience but if you have it you’ll make more people happier quicker.

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