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Looking to Own a Property or Want to Sell?

We want you to be as involved as you can be in selling your property. We’ll update you regularly, so you’re aware of the level of interest in your property. SPACE uses online marketing strategies, print resources as well as our known investors to find the right buyer for you and recognize as the best Sales Agents In Enfield. To us, the right buyer means; professional, upfront, organized, qualified and communicative. We provide a simple step-by-step approach.

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Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first time buyer we can help find the right opportunity for you. A home needs to be purchased at the right price. At SPACE we provide all the details to make an informed decision. Our valuations are based on experience and online searches and we make comparisons across the market. Our team is highly skilled in presenting opportunities. We are professional sales people. If the opportunity is right for both parties involved then it’s right for SPACE. We are here to facilitate that opportunity for you.

We hope you’ll make the most of working with us.

If a picture paints a thousand words how effective is a video?

We have seen enormous success from our use of videos.  Introducing the property to the market place in this way is incredibly effective and time saving.

With Google Earth and an online video we are able to create a full, detailed brochure to include on our growing database.

We provide catchy copy to every property description, highlighting the benefits of the property in a skilled ‘non-salesy’ way. A carefully well thought-out valuation form captures all the information required to market the property correctly and honestly. A balance of professional photos and videos, social media, online estate agency portals, SPACE’s database and print materials add tremendous value to our service.

At SPACE we don’t just guess what your house is worth. It’s important you sell at the right price.  You can only sell this property once, cant you… We don’t have anything negative to say about our competition, we have respect for other agencies – they’re in the same business, so of course we do. But it’s vital that your investment is valued correctly. Before we make our recommendations we ensure our valuation is correct. We use our experience and expertise as well as a few online resources.

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We also encourage you to meet with other agencies; it’s common sense in today’s market that to ensure you’re getting the best price and the best service. I’m sure you’re aware that aggressive companies have been known to price high in an effort to gain your business. We protect our relationships and we do not inflate prices and we do not under value – the price is well thought out, discussed with our clients and justified.

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